SureRents Guaranteed rent service, means that we become your tenant and are responsible for paying you rent on-time and in-full, every month

3-5 year lease agreement
We work with you to agree a fixed monthly rent payment based on the number of rooms, location and condition of the property. We then offer a minimum contract of 3 years during which we will manage the property and guarantee the agreed rental amount.

Property Management
Throughout the guaranteed rent period, the management of your property is systematically taken care of by SureRents. Our management software and in house processes enable us to efficiently select tenants of good character, organise repairs and ensure your property is compliant with the latest rental legislation. Annual property reports will be sent to you providing a summary of your property’s condition and accounts to date.

Contract Renewal
Before the lease comes to an end, SureRents will contact you asking whether you would like to end or renew your contract. If you choose to end, your property is handed back to you in the same or better condition to its original state. If like most landlords you decide to renew, a new contract is negotiated and you’ll continue to receive our great service.

Agreed Rental Value PCM £1,500 £1,500
Annual Rent Income £18,000 £18,000
Typical Void Periods -£2,245 £0
Typical Repairs Contingency -£900 £900
Annual Gas safe certificate -£50             £0
Annual Electrical certificate -£50 £0
Net Income You Recieve Annually £14,755 £18,000
Your Income over 5 Years £73,775 £90,000
Your Savings over 5 years £0 £16,225


Located within London zones 1 - 4 and has 3 or more bedrooms            
Property is vacant or due to be vacant in the next 4 weeks                   
You are ready to sign a minimum three year lease agreement                  


STEP 1: Book your valuation by calling us on: +44(0) 2036332036 or completing the online valuation form
STEP 2: A portfolio manager will visit your property to see its layout and condition
STEP 3: After visiting your property you will receive a competitive offer within 24 hours.