Landlords FAQ

Are there any fees?

SureRents will not charge you any let or management fees, allowing you to benefit from receiving 100% of the agreed rental amount. If you have been introduced to SureRents by an agent however, you may have other fee arrangements with them.

Do I still need my letting agent if renting to SureRents?

If you have been introduced to SureRents by your letting agent, just as with a traditional tenant, the agency will be there as a third party overseeing contractual agreements throughout the term of the lease agreement.

Who will be living in my property?

All SureRents tenants are in full time employment and typically work in professional job roles. Having passed our internal and external referencing process, we end up with great tenants who respect and value the opportunity to live in a well maintained property.

What if your tenants don’t pay you rent?

The rent you receive from SureRents is independent from our tenants ability to pay us rent. You will therefore receive rent regardless of any changes in circumstances between us and our tenants.

What bills will I be responsible for?

Throughout the guaranteed rent period, SureRents will be responsible for Council Tax and all utility bills.

Will I be responsible for repairs?

SureRents covers minor repairs up to a percentage of the annual rent paid to you. Due to the quality of our tenants and frequent inspections, it is highly unlikely that repairs will exceed the amount covered.

Is the contract renewable?

SureRents will contact you approximately three months before the end of the lease agreement with an offer to renew the contract or the option of having the property returned to you.

What will happen if your tenant refuses to leave?

SureRents legal team will begin proceedings to evict the tenant and you will not have to cover the cost of this. You will continue to receive your rent until the property becomes vacant.

How do you decide what repairs SureRents takes care of?

SureRents will take care of most internal general repairs and would require the landlord to pay for window, roof and structural repairs. A comprehensive list of qualifying repairs will always be provided before signing of contracts.

What documentation do I need to provide?

  • Photographic ID
  • Utility Bill
  • Proof of Ownership i.e. mortgage documents/ land registration document
  • Buildings insurance
  • Gas Safe Certificate (Gas)
  • NICEIC Certificate (Electrical)